What is RockeTalk

Rocke Talk
Rocke talk  is free mobile application which  connect with us our friends  and to whole world through voice and instant live chat free of cost
There  is everything which makes it best mobile application in world of internet
Services offered to user by Rocke talk
Meet new people- 
you can meet new people and easily make friends all over the world 
Instant voice & picture chat-
You can share your thoughts ,Feeling ,knowledge & skill all over the world to your friends and people by instant voice chat and picture chat
Free galleries and  mobile downloads-
Step into free galleries posted by other users or post your own creation in your voice and with picture or video
Download lots of coolstuff  of ringtones and wallpapers,videos and more
Vibrant communities-
Join vibrant communities buzzing with voices ,pictures and live events of mushaiyre   debate discussion and talk show of personalities all over the world  you can also start your own community on rocke talk and can raised and share your skills and knowledge to allover the world
 Instant messengers-
connect to your instant messengers yahoo,msn,gtalk also from rocke talk No need to attach your desktop to connect with your friends on other social networking sites

Users contribution
Users of rocke talk specially of Mehfil community of Rocketalk created by Amita madam also provide a platform where live mushaiyre , inauguration of books ,  interview with shayars  and personalities ,live documentary of historical monuments are telecasted 
users also create blog of these live memorable  events  for those users who want to see these events later or want to share these with their  friends
URL- for Rocke talk



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